You’re a really fucking brilliant human.


Your brain is committed to letting you know how stupid/fat/ugly/irresponsible/incompetent/useless/worthless you are on a daily basis.

It’s pretty good at getting the message across.

So, you turn yourself down. You scribble ideas for projects you’ll never make in your notebooks. You tweak your Pinterest boards instead of bringing your dreams to life. You let things like being ‘too ______’ stop you from even trying.

Or, you’ve been turning yourself up for a while now, but the stakes are higher than ever. Shouldn’t you be content with what you’ve got? Shouldn’t you put all your money on ‘Safe’ and stop risking so much of yourself with each project you take on? Shouldn’t you give up on your vision for a better, more inclusive and loving world?

Let’s breathe through all that bullshit.

In this class, we’ll face the fears that keep you from being the most brilliant version of yourself.

Through breathwork, you’ll cut through the fears and insecurities that keep you stuck, stagnant, inactive, bored, and/or repeating old patterns on loop. You don’t have to live bound up in fear and doubt any longer. Promise.

Breathwork is an active meditation practice that involves a.) lying down and b.) breathing in a specific pattern for about 30 minutes. It's deceptively simple work that brings powerful results: it helps you access and release traumas, pains, hurts, and ancient/unneeded beliefs that live within the body.

LIVE from 7-8:30 p.m. on September 26th at 733 Studio. $33.

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Located at 733 Montgomery Ave., Suite A
Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072


As always, 25% of breathwork proceeds are donated to Flying Kites and/or Together Rising. You’ll need a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow.