When you first hear that some woman a friend knows channels entities, you respond with trepidation and the face you make when you smell something awful. (Or at least, I did.)

But you trust this friend, so you show up to the whole channeling thing and keep an open mind and then you have this wonderful, gorgeous experience of being alive as a human. You get softer and wiser, you get a perspective humans don't have, and you laugh so hard you cry.

Pam Ballo channels Rose & Crew, a group of spirit guides who show up and play with her -- and through here, with us. Over the past five years, Rose * Crew's wisdom has changed my career trajectory, helped me connect with my intuition regarding major life decisions, and made me feel better about the state of humanity. Over and over and over again.

We're teaming up for an event called Tenderness, Gathering.

It's a space for highly sensitive peeps to ask big questions, hear wise answers from other realms, and then do breathwork to connect with our inner wisdom.

It's natural for the events of the world to make you harder, tougher, stronger, and emotionally leaner. It's completely normal to want to feel less because HOLY SHIT THE WORLD IS OVERWHELMING.

Tenderness, Gathering is a place for you to feel everything, including the joy and life and light and magic and wonder that's yours for the taking.

It's for seeking answers to big questions and for answering some of your own through breathwork, too.

Pam's work will help you feel less alone and more connected to all the life around you.

My work -- breathwork -- will help you empty your emotional slop bucket.

Emotional slop bucket, meaning we all have places in our bodies where we store our personal traumas and despair, as well as news of another tragedy, crisis, or inequality. When we can't process everything we're feeling in real time, we tuck our extra feels into our bodies and keep going. (It's actually a solid survival strategy.) BUT if we never make space to process those feelings, we shut down, can't fight a creeping sense of despair, and are given to more frequent sarcasm. And hostility and martyrdom and the rolling of eyes and huffing of breaths and...

What if you reclaimed your tenderness?

What if you, lovely highly sensitive human who quite possibly resents the shit out of your sensitivity, put down your armor, your sharp edges, your pain, and your despair to commune with the soft, delicate creature you've been protecting all this time?

That's what Tenderness, Gathering is here to do.

The gathering happens *live* on February 8th at 7ET/4PT online.

It's a one-time event that rings in at $44, and there is no recording.

Weird? Yes.

Fun? Definitely.

Life-changing? We certainly hope so.

We can't WAIT to play with you!