You’re a magical creature who’s full of life and vitality. A unicorn.

But you’re also a bit…feral.

Wild. Untamed. Unbroken.

Instead of pretending that your wildness is bad or that it makes you ‘crazy,’ let’s go all the way into it. Let’s see what your wild bits have to tell you and what their messages might mean for your life.

Let’s breathe into and through the pain of staying small, of quieting down, of using fewer exclamation points, of small talk (OH GOD THE PAIN OF SMALL TALK), of ‘professionalism,’ of playing the day-to-day game of acting and looking like an ordinary human. It hurts because you’re not an ordinary human. And you don’t have to settle for smaller, quieter, or duller anymore.

Let’s breathe into your freedom: into expansion, into wonder, into delight and joy and awe and creativity and all the weird and wonderful places your life might take you if only you could be a little more yourself.

A little more feral. And a little more unicorn.

Breathwork for Feral Unicorns takes place LIVE online on August 29th at 6:30 pm ET. You’ll need an internet connection to join us. A recording will be sent to everyone who purchases!

Your seat is $22.

Several sponsored spots are available, with preference given to BIPOC as needed. Email me if this is for you!


25% of breathwork proceeds are donated to Together Rising because concentration camps shouldn’t be a thing, but they are, and let’s stop that right the fuck now.