Ahoy there!

I'm Kristen Kalp, and I believe healing shouldn't take forever, cost a bajillion dollars, or even require the wearing of pants. 


Enter: breathwork.

It's a simple mix of breathing and lying down that adds up to major healing.  At the end, you'll feel like you've had weeks of fantastic therapy, only I won't have asked you a single question about your relationship with your parents. ;)

Together, we'll access all-the-way-down wisdom that makes space for you to touch your truest self each time you do the work.  It would be my honor to show you how it's done.

For a longer explanation, here's my answer to WTF is breathwork!?


I make classes you can do by yourself and in your own home because those are the ones I like best.

Healing in the modern world is depicted as a long, drawn-out, painful process that will take years -- if not decades -- of slog. 

I'm all about learning (and healing) through joy and with as much ease as possible

We can reclaim our wholeness with plenty of time left over for showering.  And we can laugh while we're doing it.

This healing thing can be quite simple, and your admittance to altered awareness can happen without being in a cave, an ashram, or in attendance at Burning Man.  (Though one day, I'm *totally* going to Burning Man.)

I'd love to breathe with you. 

Getting started is simple.


⚡️ 1: Pick a class.

You'll naturally be drawn to one class topic more than the others, and that's where you should begin!  Pick your favorite, download the goods, and then set aside about an hour to lie down and get to work. 



⚡️2: Get comfortable.

The more comfortable you are during class, the better the results will be, so put on your comfiest clothes.  (Or ditch your clothes altogether.) 

Hop into bed and press 'play' on the recording.


⚡️3: Breathe!

We'll breathe using a simple pattern and then rest for a bit.  It sounds simple, like, 'GEEZ KRISTEN I BREATHE EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY, WHY WOULD I PAY FOR THIS!?' but I promise there's magic in this work.  (You're welcome to read my breathwork story if you wanna know how I fell in love with this practice.)


Lemme send you a free breathwork session so you can try it out!


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25% of breathwork proceeds are donated to Together Rising and/or Flying Kites

This work is meant to heal you and me and everyone we know.  I've translated 'everyone we know' as two nonprofit organizations that have my heart.

Since 2009, and with the help of peeps like you, my business has donated $26,922 and counting to Flying Kites, which provides orphaned and under-served Kenyan children with care, schooling, and enormous heaps of love on a daily basis. I’m so proud to be a part of their ongoing work, where local kids are raised by local adults with astonishing results. Learn more about them here, or listen to my interview with founder Leila Chambers here.



1-hour class recording, long-ass description here

If you wanna do the work of getting more alive and more open — and therefore more able to receive love and pleasure and energy — the Receive breathwork class will do the trick.

I’m specifically talking about receiving more of the good stuff that has no limits here on earth: more happiness, more delight, more wonder, and more awe.


All the Joy

1-hour class coming 2/27/18, long-ass description here

This class is devoted to identifying, feeling, and just plain enjoying joy.

If you're ready to stop being afraid of the good emotions life has to offer -- i.e. every single feeling that makes life worth living -- it's time to take the class. (Also if you're ready to stop batting down fantastic feels because someone, somewhere is suffering...)


Peeps are saying:


"I've done it before, thought I knew how it would be, was all like yeah, whatever but then BOOM.  I feel more connected to myself, more forgiving, and softer, which is helping me feel the same toward others."

-- Sarah Prall // 1-on-1 session

"It was such an amazing feeling to process my feelings from a place of safety and non-judgment. My world has shifted on its axis. I can't quite put into words how, but, I feel a well spring of confidence in me, in my ability to take up space unapologetically."

Amita Rao // 1-on-1 session

"This class was different for me. I felt...a deep down tsunami of release. I had big joyful tears and the kind of happy sobbing you see in movies. It felt like coming home. It felt like I had found the life I have been searching for: all the way alive, peaceful, hopeful, joyful." -- Emily Jaworski // Receive class


"Your pace was absolutely perfect...every time I could hear the voice going, 'gah, this is too hard, just stop!', you'd say something and that helped me stay with it. And the humour - it could so easily get very serious and heavy and the humour helped me remember it could also be playful."

— Tara Leaver // Receive class

"I...felt more IN my body than I have in AGES. It felt amazing. (I mean, I'm in my body a lot in dance, but this was really deep, with no agenda.) I felt a deep sense of calling. There has been a little uneasiness in my non-dance day jobs, and this brought a sense of calm. This is what I'm working towards. This is what I'm meant to do. This is what I want to be doing in the future.  I feel more allowed than ever before.  I have given myself permission." -- Nicole Hershey // 1-on-1 session

Want a 1-on-1 session?