Breathwork is my secret life weapon.

I'm an empath, a highly sensitive person, and an introvert with hermit-y tendencies.

I fucking FEEL thingsAnd lots of those things hurt.

Breathwork lets me work through all those emotions (plus every last news article, social media comment, political stunt, and stint of gross weather) without totally and completely melting down.  In under an hour, with no side effects, no drugs -- and most importantly -- no leaving the house

::insert conspiratorial smirk here::

That sounds too good to be true.  I know.

The first time I did breathwork, I was *sure* the session was four minutes long and that the teacher had screwed up somehow.

NOPE, the class was a full fifty minutes in length.  But...how? And where did I go, and why was my body so happy and alive?

That WHAT IS THIS MAGIC reaction is typical of breath work: time gets wibbly, your body does new things, and you let all kinds of shit go in what seems like just a few minutes. By breathing. JUST breathing.

Breathwork is one part lying down and two parts breathing while a guide like myself walks you through the process. It sounds *so* simple, but it's the most powerful form of healing I've ever done.

That's why I've been certified as a breathwork teacher, why I've been completing class once a week since I found out about it, and why I won't shut up about it to everyone I know.

Including you.

I recommend grabbing the free breathwork class below to get started!