Your brain is an asshole.

If you're alive and human, you know this all too well.

It's the snarky little voice that says you're not enough, or you're too much, or you should be further along by now.

It's the questioning voice that asks, "Who do you think you are?" when you dream a little harder than usual or imagine a different life than the one you're currently living. (Oh, you want a functioning vehicle AND a functioning business that doesn't suck your soul? Don't you know children are starving in Africa!??? Who do you think you are!!??? THAT voice.)

It's the voice of a mean relative who whispers, "EXACTLY. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN" when something goes wrong, falls through, fails, or doesn't live up to expectations.

We all have an asshole brain. But we don't have to listen to it.

We can bypass the naysaying parts of ourselves and hear our own wisdom -- our truest and wisest interior guidance -- through breathwork.

In Breathwork for Overcoming Asshole Brain, we'll directly address all the bullshit horrible things you tell yourself on a regular basis, then blow right past them to find what's actually true about you and your life right now.

You can use the breathwork to find your next right step, to uncloud your vision, or to see your work and your life as the gorgeous entity it is at the moment.

No tricks, no bullet points, no equipment needed.

Just you and your breath.

Breathwork for Overcoming Asshole Brain includes both an instant download at checkout *and* a recording of the live group class.

Both the solitary and the communal practice deliver a beautiful reprieve from your catty inner critic.

The double whammy of Breathwork for Overcoming Asshole Brain rings in at $33.

P.S. As always, 25% of breathwork proceeds are donated to Flying Kites and/or Together Rising.