Every day starts at zero.

You have to earn your way to a break, to a minute alone, or to fun, which comes after productivity and duty and obligation and responsibility and chores and things that are far worse than chores, like unplanned trips to the grocery store because you ran out of hummus.  (Translation: fun is in short supply.)

You feel like you should be further along by now, or AT THE VERY LEAST absurdly rich by now.


You pour effort into your to-do list, your calendar,

your habits, and your creations

while quietly questioning people

who talk about taking a break (must be nice),

resting (what would you even DO?),

making for the sake of making (that skill can be monetized, you know),

or simply being (how would you justify that to your internal taskmaster, anyhow?).


Hello.  Hi.  You're an overachiever.

You don't have to change who you are or put down your to-do list, but it might be nice to not freak out and worry and feel SO FREAKING BEHIND for about an hour, right?

Breathwork for Overachievers is here to help you bypass the bullshit and get some relief from your asshole brain. 

We'll gather together and I'll talk a bit about how to break the Always Achieving So Hard cycle (takes one to know one! I've had to learn this so many times), then we'll bypass your conscious mind by doing breathwork together.

Breathwork is one part breathing, one part meditation, and one part getting deep rest while you let your to-do list take the back seat in your brain. (To do it well, you only need to show up, lie down, and breathe. I'll be with you the whole time.)

There's a richness of being that's only available when you let your not-rabidly-achieving bits take the lead, if only for an hour at a time.

Breathwork for Overachievers is a recorded 1-hour(ish) long class available as an instant download.

Let's see what the parts of you that *aren't* keeping a mental tally of your daily productivity at all times have to say, okay?

P.S.  Peeps who took this class said:


"…one of the most powerful hours of my life."  — Julie Maleski

If you’re ready to turn down the volume on the parts of you screaming that you're stressed, that you don't have time for anything, or that overwhelm will never go away, join us.

As always, 25% of breathwork proceeds are donated to Flying Kites and/or Together Rising.