Breathwork is a form of active meditation that unfolds using a 3-part breath while you're lying down.

If you can a.) breathe and b.) lie down, you can do it.

All the energetic gunk, garbage, and goo that accumulates simply from being a human in the world (read: all things emotional, political, tragic, frustrating, and despair-inducing) can move through your body without using drugs of any kind.

You lie down, you breathe, your shit gets sorted out.  It really is that simple and that profound.

Bonus: your softest, wisest, and most intuitive self is waiting just beneath the breath with a shit-ton of answers. 

Fragments of poems, solutions to long-held problems, and oh-yes-of-course revelations have appeared to me when I've been willing to surrender an hour at a time to doing this work.  (My breathwork story lives here.)

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Is this safe?

Breathwork is absolutely safe and has no known side effects.  That said, it's designed to help you push your own edges and explore your own depths.  It's going to be challenging and uncomfortable at times because there's work in breathwork.  

The only people I don't recommend breathwork to are those who have asthma and/or respiratory issues.  If you feel like you're going to trigger an asthma attack, you'll have a hard time enjoying any part of the experience.  Totally get it and you're free to go. 

Do I need crystals/music/essential oils/potions/etc...to do this work?

Nope!  While you might see lots of those things online as you delve deeper into breathwork, all you need to do this practice is a safe place to lie down and some dedicated time to sink into it.  I also recommend having a pillow nearby, but even that is optional! 

As you play with the ways you enjoy doing breathwork, you may use crystals, music, and essential oils as allies.  OR you may find that they're total distractions.  Love 'em or hate 'em, they're optional.


Erin, alright?!  I learned it by watching Erin!  (Please tell me you caught that reference?)

In all seriousness, I've trained in breathwork with David Elliott and Erin Telford, both of whom are amazing healers and humans.  The breathwork lineage begins and ends with David, as David's best friend taught it to him after receiving the breathwork pattern (from David) in a dream. YUP, that's a weird little closed loop, but it means there's no cultural appropriation happening!